Sunday, April 14, 2013



Welcome to Dude Write!

We are thrilled to have you here, whether you are a Writer Dude, a Blogger Dude, a Reader Dude or a Fanatic of good writing. If you've stumbled upon us via a link and wondering what you've gotten yourself into, our Mission Statement should explain it all.


What happens when the game has passed you by? Most of your juice is gone. The joy may be there, but your efforts aren't what they used to be.

Is it time to retire? Has your string of luck, your sports bottle of energy, and/or your limited talent finally run dry?

Dude Write is retiring.

For your editors, this is a time of sadness, yet it is a release. As we began, our aim was for more writers of the male species to come forward and to use Dude Write to expand their audience all while enjoying some healthy competition. I know that many did enjoy this camaraderie and expanded their readership. We appreciate all of our Dudes who despite having a large following, entered our fray willingly to advance the cause.

Some will rejoice at the end of your time. I would guess a ball player's children rejoice at getting to spend more time with them. The wives or girlfriends that become the center of attention again will rejoice.

As we ride on the shoulders of our brothers, touring each virtual blog's stadium, we thank you all for a good ride!

Now, for old times' sake, link up with us once more, drink from the cup of our success and tell a tale of Dude Write. Write us a eulogy if you like.

Let us not think on un-retirement for now, but our hope is that, should the passion return, our return would be strong.



Dude Write Rules

For a quick guide on linking up, see the Dude Write Rules page for everything you need to know.To Summarize:

  • Write Original, Quality, Non-commercialized (or Pornographic) posts.
  • Read other Dude's entries and tweet / comment the ones you like.

And Then?

There is no more "and then" if you have questions post 'em to Twitter or contact the editors.


Like a Mantra only better. Read (as many as you can), Tweet (the ones you like), Vote (for 3 on Sunday night through Tuesday night).


There will not be voting and no winners announced. Do it for the love of it.