Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Flash FIction March: Results

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She was nervous. She didn't want to feel damaged, just because of her lack of knowledge. She could tell a white lie and pretend like she knew the answers all along, but she wasn't quite ready to lie just yet. Besides, he'd see right through it.

This wasn't going to be easy, but she'd convince him she knew as much as he did. She would not face this alone. She'd deal with things her own way.

She'd study up on DudeWrite's flash fiction results and surprise him with how up-to-date she was. She wouldn't be the one to have missed it this time around!

The Results

And now, the vows...no, wait...the scores!

Our guest judge of the month, Joe Cawley, has made his decision.

Judge's Pick this month goes to none other than...Youngman Brown, with "The White Lie".

We'll let Joe Cawley himself say a few words:

"Really loved the emotive writing from the talented Casey McRae, fully got the character that he was portraying. Although I think he displayed the best writing, "Missed It" feels more like an excerpt than a complete story (would like to read the whole story, by the way) so it missed out on first spot because of this.

Bride running from her own wedding was a common theme (naturally) but I particularly liked the twist and the descriptive writing in "The White Lie" so Mike Young (aka Youngman Brown) is my winner. Well done dude!"

Well done dude, indeed! Now tell us a white lie and pretend you won't be flaunting your Judge's Pick card at every opportunity from now on.

Please give a huge thanks to Joe Cawley for taking the time to lend his expert opinion to this round!

But wait...there's more! The people of the Internet have also spoken. Or, more accurately, silently cast their votes.

The winner of popular vote and the People's Man card is...me again, with "Not ready..". Dudes, as much as I like getting People's Choice awards, I can also see that you have lots of readers loving your stories. Invite them over and get those votes in. Don't let me keep on winning!

And on that note, our flash fiction round for March has come to an end.

Stay tuned for Thursday, though, when we do it all over again!