Thursday, March 28, 2013


Best of Flash Fiction

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Wolfman Jack
Here in the States, when a DJ (or Disk Jockey for you cats who are old enough to remember Disk Jockeys and use the word "cats") would go on vacation, sometimes you get some unqualified scrub to fill in. 

Alternatively, if the station was feeling cheap, you would get a "best of" show featuring clips recorded by the DJ over the past several weeks or months.

Here at Dude Write, our Main DJ of Flash Fiction Daniel Nest has been called home. No, he didn't die, but he went back to someplace undoubtedly cold in mother Russia.  Isn't it cold everywhere there?

So we decided rather than give you a lame unqualified replacement, or a lame best of show, we'd do BOTH!

Youngman Brown and WilyGuy are holding down the fort while our best buddy Daniel is slacking, errr vacationing.   

We've decided to run a BEST OF for this month's flash fiction.

Have you entered before and you were proud of your entry?  Enter it here!

Always trying to figure out how to write something clever, but were confounded by the prompt?  (This writer had a lot of block on the running bride image this past month) Write something unique and new!

We're hoping this is your opportunity to submit some completely unprompted, old or new fiction.

Normal Flash Fiction rules apply which are UP TO 500 words.

BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE... we're opening this month's flash to the Dudettes! 
Something about saying "Ladies, come Flash Us!" that feels right.

Yes, Dudes AND Dudettes showing their goods all in the same place and same time.

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