Thursday, February 21, 2013


Tarantino Movie Soup Game

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We are thrilled to have you here, whether you are a Writer Dude, a Blogger Dude, a Reader Dude or a Fanatic of good writing. If you've stumbled upon us via a link and wondering what you've gotten yourself into, our Mission Statement should explain it all.

We are excited to have Winopants from Wino On A Ramble as a guest editor this week. When she participated in our 3rd Dudette Challenge, she had such an exciting game that your (ir)regular editors knew this would make for an interesting challenge. We reached out to this very funny lady and she agreed to guest edit this week. Though she doesn't seem the type to cry, let's give her some awesome participation. With that, we turn it over to Winopants!

I'm in! I've officially stormed the fortress!

Fortunately I came prepared. Dudes, I brought an exercise to share with you today; Something to use if you've ever hit the writing "blahs."

This activity may seem more like a carnival trick at first, vs. a super awesome writing secret. Nevertheless, if you've hit a mental roadblock, it's a process that can jump start you back to happy, healthy creating.

I gleaned this bit of inspiration while watching the latest Quentin Tarantino flick, Django Unchained. As I sat in the darkened theater, simultaneously transfixed and aghast (as is my typical response to his movies) I wondered, what makes a director like Tarantino so prolific, so insane, so over the top? While I struggle sometimes to come up with a single, lonely idea, his work is bursting at the seams. Whether you love or hate the results, his creative energy is hard to match.

Then the answer dawned on me, as yet another 10-foot-high blood spurt launched into the air. Tarantino movies feel very real and relatable, as he uses familiar genres, stories, and history. But instead of showing reverence for those conventions, he takes them up and, like a five year old with a brand new pair of Hot Wheels, crashes them together. Thus all the hum drum of the real world doesn't stand in the way when his mind decides to go on a tear.

As a tribute to Django Unchained, and Tarantino's madman, mash-up style, I created the "Tarantino Movie Soup Game." It was originally intended as a dinner party activity, but we're going to give this a whirl here as a Dude Write challenge. As you'll see, the game is less about Tarantino, and more about inventing a wildly improbable scenario out of familiar elements.

I have listed "rules" for the game, but if Tarantino doesn't play by the book, why should you? The point is to have some crazy fun with writing. Check out my own sordid tale "Sparkly Vengeance" if you'd like an example. I can't wait to see what you dudes come up with!

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