Thursday, February 7, 2013


Invisible or Indelible

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Remember when you were a kid and you wrote on paper with lemon juice and felt like a super agent?  You felt as though your words were invisible, yet important.  Heat had to be applied in order to see the importance of the words.

Yet, today we don't write in invisible ink.

Did you ever use a Sharpie marker on a dry erase board mistakenly?  Perhaps you drew a smiley face for someone?  Well, that smiley in Sharpie is likely permanent. Another word for that which also starts with an 'I' is Indelible.  Indelible means not able to be forgotten or removed.

There is normally a permanence to Indelible and the importance is almost always  a given. (permanent smiley faces ARE important!)

So as we get working on the Starting Lineup for this week, we leave you with this thought:

May your writing leave an indelible impression and your words be important and not invisible.

In case you've come and wondered where the results were from the 100 Word Song, Lance appointed Donetta with the win.  Her entry can be found here: and because we didn't have any votes come in, we decided to proceed as normal with no new Members Only Diamond Club winner.

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