Thursday, February 28, 2013


Flash Fiction: March

Welcome to Dude Write!

We are thrilled to have you here, whether you are a Writer Dude, a Blogger Dude, a Reader Dude or a Fanatic of good writing. If you've stumbled upon us via a link and wondering what you've gotten yourself into, our Mission Statement should explain it all.

Finally, spring is just around the corner! Spring is the season of new beginnings, new inspirations, and, here on Dude Write, new writing challenges. We want you to flourish as writers, yet we are men enough to not make cheesy metaphors about you blossoming like a spring flower!

If you're already an established fiction writer, join us and hone your craft! If you've never written a word of fiction, now is your chance! Everyone is welcome. Everyone who is a dude, that is - we must keep in mind our Mission Statement.

We'll be handing out our two classic flash fiction cards: People's Man - voted on by the public - and Judge's Pick - selected by our guest judge. What's that? Who is our guest judge? We're glad you asked!

Our guest judge this month is none other than Joe Cawley. Joe is the author of the award-winning More Ketchup than Salsa: Confessions of a Tenerife Barman.

He is a travel writer published in The Sunday Times, Telegraph, Independent, Express, New York Post, Taipei Times and others. Lastly, but certainly not leastly (yeah, we made up a word, so what?), Joe is a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers.

If you're on Twitter you can even stalk him there: @theWorldofJoe

Please help us welcome Joe Cawley! Joe picked an exciting prompt for us this month, check it out below.

Now grab your laptops, pencils, pens or crayons and get to writing. Good luck!

Quick recap of the rules:
  1. New (you'll have almost a month to write and post), original (non-pornographic), fictional work.
  2. No more than 500 words.
  3. You must use the given prompt (see below)
  4. Lastly, and in keeping with the mission statement, you gotta be a dude.
Don't forget our Dude-tra (like a mantra, only better) :

Read (as many as you can), Tweet (and/or comment on the ones you like), and Vote (for your favorite...that isn't yours).

This month's prompt:

"Bride", an image by Nicholas Hayward

You won't get penalized for having an introductory paragraph to let your obviously bewildered readers know why you've lost your written mind and are entering this most awesome of contests, perhaps you can italicize it like this one.