Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Flash Fiction February: Results

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Their tiny unit gathered by the bridge stretching across The Great Divide. This was it. It was now or never. Survive or perish. Fight, or become obsolete. The surviving men still remembered their mission: to find the long-lost DudeWrite chronicles and reveal the now forgotten flash fiction results.

They've been warned to "turn around or face the consequences", but there was no turning back now. By the time they'd cross the bridge some men would have been killed and some would have drowned in the ice-cold waters of the divide.

Their commander, a man of action, turned to the unit and yelled: "Come on men, you know what to do. Let's find and retrieve the DudeWrite chronicles. Forward!"

And the men charged into the unknown...

The Results

With that, it's time to reveal the results of our February flash fiction challenge.

The guest judge, Madeleine Farraday is ready with her verdict. All rise!

Judge's Pick goes to...well, it turns out we have two winners of the Judge's Pick card!

Here's what Madeleine had to say:

"My choice for winner of the February flash fiction competition was split between two stories.

I like horror, and so I chose "The Mission" as one of the winners. It is dark and paranoid, but gives the reader just enough doubt as to whether the main character's predicament could be something real, instead of imagined. I liked the uncertainty.

My other choice was The Cutter. This one was suspenseful, swashbuckling, in true Star Wars tradition, about a space battle. I also liked the twist at the end, which was a quite satisfying way to end the story. Very enjoyable.

I felt that these two stories entertained the reader the most. I couldn't decide which I liked better, so I chose both."

And thus, two Dude Write flash fiction newcomers swoop in and grab the Judge's Pick cards. Very well done The Cutter and IBYM, you've earned these! Now save those cards and display them proudly on your blogs. Or maybe even print them out and hang them in your living rooms, for conversation fodder?

Please give a huge thanks to Madeleine Farraday for her time and her expert opinion!

The reading masses have also cast their votes. The People's Man this month is, yet again, yours truly with "Search & Retrieve".

This concludes our February round, but don't you cry for it, because March opens shortly.

Come back on the 28th of February and read more!