Thursday, January 3, 2013


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Ah, Seinfeld.  How many great quotes have come from there?  Well, one that comes to mind is the exchange where someone is "King of the County" and someone is "Lord of the Manor" while someone else is "Queen of the Castle" and one the Master of his Domain.

So for all you fans of Seinfeld, in the comments, attribute each line to its owner.  THEN in a spirit similar to this episode, indicate what they are referring to.... (keep in mind being in the spirit of the episode).

So what does this have to do with Dude Write this week?  We now have our own domain name!!!!

We are the Master of Our Domain! is ours. Let the celebrating begin (lol)!

Of course, Google is a giant idiot with not allowing "naked" domains anymore (which makes it difficult to become the master!) not to mention it screws everything up for our inlinkz. So keep using our buttons as they are and they should work.  We are testing to make sure that the newer URL will work provided that we don't append a www to it. Once that is tested, we will modify the buttons and away we will go.

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And on with the show...

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