Thursday, January 31, 2013


Dude Write- 100 Word Song - Strength

A couple of weeks ago, my buddies at asked me if I would team up 100 word song with their weekly blog event. Dudewrite is a team of male bloggers, and yes there's more than me doing this, who highlight different posts from their community. I'm honored they asked 100 word song to be involved. I agreed to push 100 word song to Thursday. As a result, I ran across something in my notebooks for my other friends at Trifecta Writing Challenge and Velvet Verbosity that I titled Light of day, a 433 word, two post special featuring some very noir-like writing about Silas and Olive, a young couple on the run from Atlanta to Ft. Myers, Florida in the late 1980s from something very bad.

The response from Light of Day was so positive that I decided to add another 100 words to it and give it to Dude Write for 100 word song. This week's music selection is from 80s Welsh band, The Alarm, who were supposed to be as big as U2 but didn't quite make it. Here's my 100.

Guilt was gut-punching for what happened in Atlanta as I climbed back into the Cutlass. I sat up in the bucket seat and felt Olive's face inches from mine.

"Silas, we're with each other from here on, right?"

Her melodramatic blurts were sexy, but sometimes I just wanted a real girlfriend. I cranked the car and pulled away from the road shoulder. She was still staring. To make her stop, I pressed the brake and grabbed her face, kissing her hard. After we finished the moment, she grinned then shook her head with confidence.

"That's what I need, Silas. Strength."

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

You have until next Thursday at 9pm eastern you get your entries into 100 word song and Dude Write for The Alarm's Strength. Please visit my buddies at Dude Write. Great guys.

Editorial Note: as this is not employing our usual inlinkz, we will not choose a popular winner this week, but ALL entries are in play for the Members Only Diamond Club. All participants can email on next Wednesday to weigh in with a single favorite (not their own). Dudes and Dudettes can participate and vote.