Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Flash Fiction: December Round

Welcome to Dude Write!

We are thrilled to have you here, whether you are a Writer Dude, a Blogger Dude, a Reader Dude or a Fanatic of good writing. If you've stumbled upon us via a link and wondering what you've gotten yourself into, our Mission Statement should explain it all.

Some of you may be wondering where our famous Flash Fiction challenge went. The answer is: it never truly left. It just needed some time alone. It wanted to rest, think about life and reinvent itself. Today it returns, refreshed and feeling better than ever!

We're excited to announce that our Flash Mobs will from now on always feature one external guest judge. Our judges are fiction authors themselves, so they'll have a pretty good sense of what to look for in the flash fiction pieces. Judges will also be the ones coming up with the monthly prompts.

There are two shiny new Flash Mob Cards to be earned in each round:

The "People's Man" card is for the dude that gets the most votes. Everyone (including non-participating readers) will have three votes to cast for their favourite piece (not their own).

At the end we'll feed all votes into our advanced DudeWrite Calculator and out will come a top scorer who will claim this prize!

The "Judge's Pick" will be picked guessed it - the guest judge of the month!

He or she (yes, fellas, you may very well end up getting judged by an authoress) will read all of the entries and pick a favourite. S(he) will then tell us exactly why the piece won, making everyone more clever (or is it "cleverer"?) in the process.

And now, onto December...

Christmas is upon us. People are getting ready to spend their holidays with family, loved ones and, in some rare cases, Queen Elizabeth II.

Here at Dude Write we're celebrating Christmas by launching the final Flash Mob of 2012. Allow us to introduce...

The judge:

We're proud to have a self-proclaimed "accidental author" David Rashleigh on board as this month's judge.

David is the author behind Sciron, a novel that deals with ghosts, spies and sabotage, which you will notice are all things that are awesome!

David's hobbies are equally awesome, as they include aviation (he holds a rarely-used private pilot's licence) and target shooting; the latter largely to impress his daughter's boyfriends with his easy-going but protective nature.

Please help us welcome David and be nice to him - he's the one handing out the much coveted "Judge's Pick" card.

Now onto the rules. What? There are rules? Oh, right, we forgot to mention....

The rules:

  1. You must use the given prompt(s) - see below!
  2. No more than 500 words.
  3. New (you'll have almost a month to write and post) Original (non-pornographic) Fictional work.
  4. Lastly, and in keeping with the mission statement, you gotta be a dude.

Don't forget our Dude-tra (like a mantra, only better) :

Read (as many as you can), Tweet (and/or comment on the ones you like), and Vote (for your favorite...that isn't yours).

And now, finally...

This month's prompt:

Photo taken by David Rashleigh himself on a cold February morning in rural Yorkshire.

You won't get penalized for having an introductory paragraph to let your obviously bewildered readers know why you've lost your written mind and are entering this most awesome of contests, perhaps you can italicize it like this one.