Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Dude Write #26 Results: All In

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Poker by Pavkata

When money is on the line, you can't afford to let your lack of sleep effect your decision making. Nobody at the poker table cares that you beat up Santa Clause, or that you were voted most popular in your high school yearbook. They could care less that you just lost your dog, or that you're stressed out from running late to the poker tournament because the train system in your home town decided that snow melts train tracks.

For the duration of a poker game, the men and women sitting across from you are your sworn enemies. A good... no... a GREAT poker player never gives their hand away, unless they purposely mean to do so. A great poker player can make the table fold their hands while holding a Sears catalog or their kid's Christmas wish list just as easily as a royal flush.

The art of being a great poker player has as much to do with having nerves of steel, the courage of a lion, and the will to pull the trigger when it counts as it does about having the best cards in your hand. Without this poker moxie, a poker player would have as much chance of winning a poker tournament as catching a lone grunion on the beach during the Grunion Run, or talking your sleep-deprived wife into hot-kinky sex with a handful of ice cubes.

So before you go all in, you better have the guts and the cards to pull it off, or you just might find yourself pounding drinks at the Manhole

And with that, here are the results:

Our inductee into the Members Only Diamond Club this week is none other than our very own Scott of It's MY Mind! for his , "Who Wants to be Popular?" post. This was an appropriate choice given Scott is the brain trust of Dude Write and his post talks about why he and Youngman Brown started Dude Write in the first place.

Congrats Scott, and head on over to the Diamond Club to link up!

We have two winners this week for the latest People's Choice award winner, granted to the person(s) receiving the most votes from our readership this week. The first goes to none other than Daniel Nest of Nest Expressed with his joyful tale, "I Hate Snow." This marks the 5th time Daniel has won the popular vote. Great job Daniel!

The second People Choice card goes to Bryan of Bryan Jones' Diary for his post, "Fifty Shades of Bryan." This was one had me in stitches. Bryan's self-deprecating style of humor is priceless and well executed in this finely constructed post. Congrats Bryan! 

Your editors also had an opinion this week.

Youngman Brown said, ""My Chairman's Choice this week goes to Ken for his post, "Back in Time," because it really did make me feel as if I went back in time. It made me think back fondly to when I was a child and spent my days browsing through various toy catalogs, circling the things I wanted, and then compiling them into a list to send to Santa Claus. Thanks for bringing me back, Ken. And don't be ashamed of holding on to those old magazines!"

Michael Walker said, "I got to say this might have been the best week of writing I've seen from Dude Write entrants in a long time, and that's saying a lot. This was a really tough decision for me, but I've got to give my Chairman Card to Jack for his "It Should Have Been on YouTube" post. Jack really has a knack for spinning a good yarn, and who doesn't like reading about a mall Santa getting his butt kicked?"

Congratulations to all of the new Man Card winners this week. If you didn't get yours this week, come back again on Thursday and try again!