Thursday, September 13, 2012


Dude Write 14: 100 Days of Dudes

Welcome to Dude Write!

We are thrilled to have you here, whether you are a Writer Dude, a Blogger Dude, a Reader Dude or a Fanatic of good writing. If you've stumbled upon us via a link and wondering what you've gotten yourself into, our Mission Statement should explain it all.

Does it make anyone else angry that he didn't cut out the
tiny triangle of negative space between the 1 and 0?

When the results for Dude Write 14 are revealed on Tuesday, it will mark the 100-day anniversary of Dude Write starting.

I remember back being in kindergarten and getting very, very excited for such a milestone.  I suppose that is because we actually kept an active count every single day, which increased the anticipation.  I remember actually being excited to be able to cross off three days on Mondays.

But for all intents and purposes, the 100-Day celebration was a bust.

We marched around in a little parade, ate cupcakes, and then went home and looked forward to the summer.

Now that we are older and wiser, I think we can do it up even better.

The parade is optional.  The cupcakes are not.

Happy 100th Dude Day, guys. 

But more importantly, Happy Dude Write 14!

Dude Write Rules

For a quick guide on linking up, see the Dude Write Rules page for everything you need to know. To Summarize:
Write Original, Quality, Non-commercialized (or Pornographic) posts.
Read other Dude's entries and tweet / comment the ones you like.
Come back Sunday night through Tuesday and use 3 votes on what you liked.
Shortly after voting ends, a wonderful follow-up post will arrive with our patented (no not really, but they should be) Diamond, Platinum and Gold Man Cards, as well as our Chairman's Choice of which there will be at least 2 for the week. We will also be honoring the best comment on the Starting Lineup with our Color Commentator Man Card.

And Then? 

There is no more "and then" if you have questions post 'em to Twitter or contact the editors.


Like a Mantra only better. Read (as many as you can), Tweet (the ones you like), Vote (for 3 on Sunday night through Tuesday night).