Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Dude Write 11 One Louder!

Welcome to Dude Write!

We are thrilled to have you here, whether you are a Writer Dude, a Blogger Dude, a Reader Dude or a Fanatic of good writing. If you've stumbled upon us via a link and wondering what you've gotten yourself into, our Mission Statement should explain it all.

To all our present writers and readers, I shouldn't have to tell you all how excited we are to have Michael Walker from Defying Procrastination come on board as an editor. Since joining our site, Michael has been a tireless reader and promoter of our project and each Dude's blog.  His service has been invaluable and we are thrilled that he is going to help take some of the burden of the project on himself.  This will allow Youngman Brown and WilyGuy to have a week off now and again to participate if they want or to shut the world out and write some beautifully weird stuff.  Thanks Michael and Take it Away! 

Now that the girls have cleared out, it's gonna take us quite a while to get the man cave looking like we want it again. Here are your assignments:

Chubby - Hook Up the Phone
Brandon - You're in charge of Tunes
WilyGuy - Mop up all the tears with those Doilies.
Jeezy - Gathering New Recruits?
Chiz Chat - Secure the perimeter of all children
Ken - Candy, Gum and Nuts...just don't put it in your mouth
Michael - Introduce us to some culture
Jamie - Just don't hurt yourself.
Kevin - Dude, just clean yourself up
Youngman - Get the invitations out for the next kegger, don't mention the porn.
Joe - Put Up the Decor
Daniel - Umm, lay off our drugs
Charlie - New Recruit Hazing seeing as you and Jamier are the new recruits, please super glue yourself to him.

And with that, we shall reveal the results.

Our latest inductee into the Diamond Club is Joe from Living with Kellie.  His latest post Indecision Kills talks about the rules of the road, at least where Squirrels are concerned.

Congrats, and head on over to the Diamond Club to link up!

This week, our winner for the Platinum Man Card our own Youngman Brown for his post The Anti-Porn Perfect Storm as he discusses of all things the sex in Google Analytics.

And finally, a tie for this week's Gold Man Card between Chiz Chat's E is for Easter and Jamie Hawkins The Plaster Cast Diaries Part I How Not to Get Off a Swing and Why I Hate Isaac Newton which is coincidentally not only Jamie's first foray, his first award winning post AND the longest name of any of our winners.

There are two Chairman's Choice awards this week.  ModMomFromIndieDom won the Dudette Diamond and as a last act she was granted mystical powers...or something like that...

ModMom said: "Wow - so many really great pieces, it's hard to choose just one. Some terrific surprise endings and some heartfelt thoughtful essays. Altogether,fantastic reads. You guys really bring it. Btw...it's only been a week and already the clubhouse is trashed. Beer cans and pizza boxes everywhere. You miss us yet? Ah well, I hope you don't mind I took a beer on my way out.

My pick this week is Kevin's hysterical post The Conversation. As the mother of two boys, I feel his pain on this one. This was not only funny, but a form of public service that young ladies of the future will thank him for someday. Plus, it was so well written descriptively that I could SEE the excrement on that floofy. Um...yeah...so maybe that's not the BEST thing, but it's good writing!"

Your editors also had an opinion this week.

Youngman Brown was given a week off from our insanity and for his awesomeness closing up the Dudette Week.

WilyGuy said, "I had a tough time picking a winner again this week.  In the end, I too was drawn into the comedy pseudo romance and overall roller coaster ride that Jamie Hawkins put together in his post The Plaster Cast Diaries Part I How Not to Get Off a Swing and Why I Hate Isaac Newton  plus I get to increase my word count on the summary post just by rattling off his title again.  Great job Jamie."

Michael Walker will be granted his full wings in the next week of competition.

In the category of the "Color Commentator" Man Card, which is awarded to someone who we spotted making a particularly exceptional comment on another dude's post.

This week's Man Card goes to Brandon for his comment on Nest Expressed's

He said: "I once fainted after sex. I drove 900 miles to see my girlfriend (she lived in Idaho, I in California) and the second I exited the car she pounced. I drove almost non-stop, not even stopping to eat.
90 minutes later, we were spent. I walked down the hallway from her bedroom, and that’s about all I remember. I woke up, naked, bleeding, and in a strange house.
…and now I’m going to have to write about this story in full. DAMN YOU."

Congratulations to all of the new Man Card winners this week. If you didn't get yours this week, come back again on Thursday and try again!