Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Week Six Superheroes

The dudes at Dude Write are superheroes.

There.  I said it.

Sure, we might not be heroes like the soldiers who fight for our freedom.  And we might not be a hero like Al Bundy.  But we are (or most of us are, at least) heroes that people can look up to.

We are equipped with some pretty spectacular superpowers.  Like being able to give life to inanimate objects.  Or being able to see through camouflage.  Or being able to remember up to ten things

Or, the most powerful superpower of all: being able to fart on command.

But even when we are equipped with such awesome superpowers, we do still have to battle some demons to reach a victory

Sometimes it is an inner struggle, like battling writer's block, our confused bodies, or our own wandering minds.

Other times, the battle is an outward struggle.  Like fighting explosive microwavable dinners.  Or climbing Mt. Ganja.  Or finding a new job.

Scariest of all, we have to pay attention to our kids so that they don't grow up to be supervillains.

And how are we rewarded once we win our battles?

Strip clubs in Vegas and threesomes with body builders, of course!  Or if we aren't into all that crazy stuff, sometimes we settle for a nice hug.

But the best award of all?

Man Cards!!!

And with that, we shall reveal the results.

Our latest inductee into the Diamond Club is Brandon from Lost in Idaho for his post "Why I Envy Al Bundy," which shares why dudes everywhere should be jealous of a guy who seems like he has it rough, but truly has it pretty damn good.

Congrats, and head on over to the Diamond Club to link up!

This week, we had a tie for our Platinum Man Card between me and Michael A. Walker from Defying Procrastination for his post/poem "Boy Turned Hero," which offered a both raw and touching memorial to the soldiers who fight and die for our freedom.

And this week's Gold Man Card goes to Chris Bird from Change the Topic from last week's installment of his "Therapy Thursday," where we learn the thought and planning that must go into setting up a threesome with a female bodybuilder.

There are three Chairman's Choice awards this week.  Dan from ShamefulPromotions won the Diamond Man Card two weeks ago, but due to a loss in the family, wasn't able to read all of the posts, and thus wasn't able to make his Chairman's Choice selection.  This works out fine, though, because I happened to have won last week's Diamond Card (Thanks very much, by the way!)  Since I already get to hand out a Chairman's Choice as an editor, Dan gets to hand out a card this week!

Dan said: "I would have to go with, Who Woulda Thought, Kevin's post about farting. I love a good discussion on the more embarrassing aspects to being human. I mean we all fart, right? Might as well talk about it and share a laugh!"

Your editors also had an opinion this week.

Youngman Brown said, "This week, I'm going to have to go with Rusty for his post "Too Raw."  Not only does he give us an honest look into the preparation and process of the extremely scary proposition of performing stand-up comedy, but he also shares footage of his very successful performance that had me giggling like a little girl.  Bravo!"

WilyGuy said "This was another tough week for me.  I couldn't decide if my funny bone was tickled harder than my synapses were challenged to fire and actually think.  In the end I decided to go with PJ's tribute to Neil in A Win Doesn't Always Need to End With a Victory.  PJ's writing already has the ability to capture the imagination, but what stuck with me was the title.  Well, and my remembrance of Greg Norman's collapse from some years ago. Probably also I remembered a few of my own failures. I loved the hope I was left with in the end.  Congrats PJ."

In the category of the "Color Commentator" Man Card, which is awarded to someone who we spotted making a particularly exceptional comment on another dude's post.

This week's Man Card goes to Addman from Muppets for Justice for his comment on "Why I Envy Al Bundy."  He said:

"I can't say I've ever seen the show, so I read the whole thing as though you were writing about Ted Bundy instead. I still felt jealous of his life."

Your life can't be that bad, Addman!

Congratulations to all of the new Man Card winners this week. If you didn't get yours this week, come back again on Friday and try again!

And don't forget, this is the last week to enter our first Flash Fiction Competition.  We already have some creative and awesome submissions, but we want more!  So get writing!